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5 Things to do after you losing your job

Losing your job can be a huge kick in the gut – regardless of whether it has anything to do with your performance or not. Being unemployed can be a difficult chapter of your life and figuring out what to do can be overwhelming. Here’s how to get back to work if you’ve recently lost your job.


Losing your job in widespread layoffs can mean that your termination wasn’t personal, but rather the result of change in the company. Even so, try to leave with a better understanding of your own work and history. If it was because of your work performance, evaluate what you could have done to be a more integral part of the team, then use what you discover to help excel at your next position. Being self-reflective will help with your job search.

Stay on top of your industry

As much as you may be feeling down after losing your job, fight the urge to unplug from your industry. To bounce back quickly, and to not miss out on new opportunities, you need to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry. Check job listings every day and beat other applicants by applying early. Make sure you create job alerts to get the latest job opportunities sent directly to your inbox.

Update your CV

Update your CV and include your recent work experience. Focus on the tasks you performed and the results you achieved. If you have numerical data to back up your results, include it. Also, go back through the other positions listed on your CV, and make sure you have done a thorough job of highlighting the experience you gained at those positions. Read our blog post on 4 Things to keep in mind when updating your CV for more info on what you should have when you update your CV.

Develop new skills

To get ahead of your peers, take advantage of your time by improving or developing skills that are relevant to your industry or job search. Even advancing your knowledge of software you already use can make the difference when in competition for a job. Employers are looking for potential employees who regularly update their skill sets, so by adding a new skill or two, you will improve your chances of getting hired.

Stay positive

Losing your job is tough. When you keep sending out CVs, going to interviews, and getting overlooked for positions you feel you were a good fit for, it can be discouraging. But be patient with yourself and your job-hunting process. Take time to look at why you didn’t get the job and use what you learn to do better the next time you send out your CV or go for an interview. Eventually, you will get a job. Read our blog post on 5 Ways to stay motivated during your job search.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve been unemployed, or if you have dealt with this situation before, adopting these habits can make the process much smoother. Give them a try and good luck with your job search! If you’re looking for great career opportunities, make sure you click through to our job section to see what career opportunities we currently have available.