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Information Technology, Programmer & Developer Jobs & Recruitment in Cape Town & Johannesburg | South Africa

If you are looking for your next Information Technology job in Programming and Development or if you are looking to hire programmers and developers, you are in the right place.

Initiate International is a recruitment consultancy that specializes in Information Technology recruitment and jobs for developers and analysts amongst other niche sectors. Each of our specialist recruitment staff members are carefully hand-picked according to their knowledge and experience in each specific field. In other words, our Information Technology recruitment department knows what you do as a developer and what you are looking for. We feel it is important to be able to relate to our clients and candidates in order to make the perfect placement. To our clients, we promise to only deliver the pro developers and IT professionals who can do the job you need them to do. To developers, programmers and analysts in South Africa, we promise to match you to Information Technology jobs that exceed your expectations and offer you a genuine opportunity to further your career. Now imagine working with a company that gets you!

Recruiting in the Information Technology industry: What makes recruiting in the Information Technology industry unique and why is a specialist IT recruitment consultancy needed?

South Africa has a major shortage of skilled workers in Information Technology and Analytics. This causes a real challenge for companies to come by developers, programmers and analysts on their own and also for IT professionals to choose between the many IT jobs available. Initiate International, however understands these challenges and provides a truly consultative approach to help companies recruit the most suitable candidate for their Information Technology needs and for IT professionals, the best and most suitable Information Technology job opportunities.

Why pick a specialist like Initiate International for IT recruitment?

For recruiting companies:

  • Our Information Technology recruitment specialists have strong technical knowledge – we will understand what you are looking for.
  • Because we specialise purely in recruitment for developers, programmers and other Information Technology professionals, we have a larger network of potentially suitable candidates – we immerse ourselves in all things Information Technology in South Africa!
  • Specific industry knowledge: we are able to advise you on salary levels & availability of skills, etc.
  • Our web-savvy marketing team ensure that our Information Technology jobs are exceptionally visible online and have presence in all the right places.

For IT professionals:

  • We ask the question: “What is your dream IT job?” and try to help you move one step closer!
  • Because of our technical knowledge we understand the subtleties of the various programming languages and the latest software. We will get you, and every interview we set up will be for a relevant IT job.
  • Our specialist Information Technology recruiters take great pains to work with selected/a select few companies that can offer genuine career advancement and growth.
  • We can offer you a truly consultative service, taking the time to get to know you as a person and the type of culture that would be ideal for you.

Some of the Information Technology jobs we recruit for include:

  • ASP.Net & C# Developer jobs in South Africa
  • PHP Developer jobs in South Africa
  • SQL Developer jobs in South Africa
  • Data Analyst jobs in South Africa
  • Mobile Developer jobs in South Africa
  • Web Developer jobs in South Africa and more IT jobs follow below

Get in touch with our professional Information Technology recruitment team at Initiate International to discuss your next career move in Cape Town or Johannesburg.