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Using a professional specialist recruitment agency – benefits to employers

Working with a professional recruitment agency, adds more value to a company than just being presented with a couple of candidates that fit a job spec.

With a wealth of potential recruitment services at your fingertips, we realise that the choice can sometimes be difficult to make when trying to decide which company is best placed to help.

From our experience, and consulting with existing clients, we know and understand the key elements that you are looking for in a recruitment service, and pride ourselves on delivering these, performing above and beyond expectations:

High levels of communication

We understand you would like to contact us and tap into our recruitment expertise throughout the entire recruitment process and beyond. For us at Initiate International selection of suitable candidates is just one of the things we do to add value to your business. We take a consultative approach to recruitment, thereby understanding your company strategy and doing everything to help you achieve your objectives by recruiting the right staff.

Specialist knowledge

Our consultants are all specialists in their respective fields and can advise you for instance on market related salary levels in specific industries and in specific positions. Initiate International specialises in recruitment for Finance, IT, Foreign Languages, Marketing, Sales, Online Gaming, Property, Contact Centres, Executive Search, Office Support & Admin and Overseas Vacancies.They are also active members of the talent community, tuned into the latest social media and online recruitment tools to keep them thinking outside the box.

A meticulous screening process

Our screening process includes meeting every candidate face-to-face before submitting the CV to you. We do two detailed reference checks, as well as checks of education, criminal record checks and credit checks.

A high CV sent to placement ratio

Let’s face it, nobody wants thousands of CVs sitting in their inbox, they want five perfect candidates to choose from. We understand this, and endeavour to send you only the best talents available.

Fast turn-around time

If your requirement is urgent, we will drop everything, and endeavour to send relevant candidates in under a week.

After Sales Support

We offer you not only a guaranteed replacement in the unlikely event that things should not work out with your new employee, we will follow up with you and the successful candidate every 14 days for 90 days to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Most importantly of all, we realise that every business is different, and we make it our primary aim to gain a detailed understanding of your company and culture, as well as the sort of talent you are looking to attract.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with an industry specific recruitment specialist, who can give you a more detailed picture of how we may be able to assist.

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