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Recruitment the Initiate International way

Recruiting with popular South African recruitment agency Initiate International is different every step of the way.

1. Initiate International Difference: Job Spec

Prior to recruiting on a position, your designated consultant will contact you, to gather as much information as possible on the role. We make sure we don’t just understand your staff requirements, but also your company culture.

2. Initiate International Difference: Sourcing

With offices overseas and in South Africa, we have access to a big candidate pool. 63% of people search for jobs online. We use the full potential of mobile sites and social media platforms to head hunt for the perfect candidate and keep in touch with the talent community.

3. Initiate International Difference: Screening

Our consultants are specialists in their field, which means they know the candidate pool personally, understand industry jargon and the skill sets needed to achieve certain objectives.

4. Initiate International Difference: Interview

To ensure the candidate is truly motivated and suited to your company culture, we meet every candidate in person. Most recruitment agencies merely conduct telephone interviews.

5. Initiate International Difference: Assessing

Skills assessment is crucial to ensuring the information in candidates’ CVs are accurate. We have the resources to conduct technical interviews and assignments, thereby assessing the candidate’s level of technical aptitude.

6. Initiate International Difference: Reference checks

We save you time by doing all necessary reference checks. We can also undertake criminal checks, qualification and ITC checks to ensure your candidate.

7. Initiate International Difference: Shortlisting

We focus on quality over quantity. This means that you will not receive hundreds of unsuitable CVs, clogging up your inbox, but a handful.

8. Initiate International Difference: Client Interview

We make sure our candidates are prepared for the interview, they have studied the job spec and researched the company and their product offering. This saves time and ensures that interviewer and interviewee are on the same page.

9. Initiate International Difference: Resignation

Once a decision has been reached, we coach the candidate through the resignation process. This ensures that the new staff member in fact sticks with their decision to resign and rejects potential counter offers put forward by their current employers.

10. Initiate International Difference: Support

Once the placement has been made, your recruitment consultant stays in touch with all the involved parties to ensure the first few months go smoothly. Should you not be happy with the candidate we will replace them free of charge.

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as overseas we are in a privileged position to find and recruit unique skill sets for companies in South Africa.

Should you have any questions with regard to specialist recruitment in any of our various sectors, please feel free to contact us.