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TedxJohannesburg Bold and Brilliant event

I won a ticket through WeWork Rosebank to the TedxJohannesburg Bold and Brilliant event held on Thursday 5th December 2019. I must admit I did not know what to expect from this event. Having the idea that I was going to hear some interesting and inspiring stories, I was mystically transported to 15 different worlds each time a new speaker began telling us about her journey in open, authentic and sometimes cruel reality of their own individual truths. As each woman told her unique story, we cried, laughed, clapped, clicked and stood up in ovation to their eye-opening testimony and each time an exhilarating chill tingled my senses. Although nothing can compare to actually being present in that excited room, I’d like to share some of my notes of that day with you.

The TedxJohannesburg Bold and Brilliant event kicked off with Lerato Mogoathe – Author Journalist & Traveller, who spoke about how she travelled through 21 African countries for 5 years. She collected stories throughout her adventures in French speaking Africa with no knowledge of the Language and not much money she still found a way to keep her sense of humour and get around safely.

Next was Azania Mosaka – Radio Presenter on 702. She spoke about her successful media career, and how radio is still a powerful platform. Her talk was based on how to love our children, as she went into detail about her personal relationship with her daughter and how cyber bullying affected them both.

Kerryn Krige – Social Enterprise Specialist & Author gave us an insightful view about South African social economy & trust. How the Social Economy Policy should look like in our country and how we should be trying to build an Inclusive Social Economy

DR. Marlene Kruger – Tech Addiction Expert (Founder of TechnoLife Wise Foundation) told us more about an “Electro Smog Meter” which measure the electro smog emitting from 3G/4G. Her talk was centred around how we should find an Electrolife balance – Engage with people that are “alive” and in your immediate surrounding.

Tashmia Ismail-Saville – CEO of the Youth Employment Service (YES) spoke about the challenges the youth faces with finding jobs, and creating jobs for the youth in South Africa.

DR. Theo Mothoa Frendo – Founder of African Dermal Science, makers of skincare for African skin had a talk around investing in your skin as it is going to represent you for the rest of your life.

Other speakers included Lexi Monzeglio – Co-Founder of Lexi’s Healthy Eatery and Advocate for Sustainable Living; Professor Pumla Gqola – Feminist, Pan Africanist, Academic & Author; Leeko Makoene – Farmer & Entrepreneur, Ingrid Lotze – Co-Founder of His & Hers – Gender Connection; Yolande Steyn – Innovator & Disruptor, Leanne Mannas – TV anchor, broadcast icon, Mneile Nkholise – Tech Entrepreneur And Founder of 3DIMO.

The TedxJohannesburg Bold and Brilliant event was a very insightful and fun event. I learned so much, got to meet some amazing brilliant women, and had a very tasty lunch too. I cannot wait for their next event.