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Reasons to hire a recent graduate

We’ve all been there: the dilemma of needing experience for an entry-level job. When even “starter jobs” require some degree of experience, the question often arises: Just where do you get it? Whether you’re a small startup or a large global business, there are many reasons why a business should consider a hiring strategy that includes recruiting graduates that are new to the world of work.

They are enthusiastic

Everyone is excited about starting their first job and will work their hardest in order to make a good impression! Graduates bring bounds of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace, that you may not get from an employee later in their career and are eager to get stuck in wherever they can. Studies have found that millennials have want to climb the career ladder much faster than previous generations and therefore they will be eager to please and contend with a bit of healthy competition in order to progress in their careers.

They provide a fresh perspective

Hiring employees of different generations will bring a variety of different attitudes and ways of thinking to the workplace. Younger staff will have different experiences of the world to their older colleagues and an awareness of current cultural trends. Therefore, they will have the ability to look at things with a new outlook and contribute fresh ideas.

They are adaptable and agile

As we gain experience across jobs, we acquire insights and skills that we can contribute to our workplaces. But there’s a flip side: sometimes we become set in our ways and focused on how we did things in the past, at a previous employer. Because new graduates have had fewer jobs and, therefore, less professional experience, they’re usually adaptable and eager to learn. This means organisations can train new graduates to learn their ethos, methods and best practices without the risk of ingrained habits getting in the way.

They bring the latest skills and methodologies

These are folks who have grown up connected and using the latest technologies. They are comfortable with computers, IOT, mobile devices, and more. As students, many have been exposed to the latest and greatest software. Are you hiring a web designer or coder? Chances are the college grad you’re considering has played in a sandbox with the latest development tools and worked with the most up to date methodologies.

From technical aptitude to adaptability, recent graduates have characteristics that could prove valuable additions to your company – while you in turn can provide them with the chance to gain invaluable industry experience. If you’d like to introduce new energy and ideas into your business, consider hiring a recent graduate. It will be well worth the resources you invest in training and mentoring them.

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