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Office party etiquette

Office party season has arrived. These gatherings can be great opportunities to get to know colleagues on a more personal level, chat with company leaders you might not usually talk to or simply spread a little holiday cheer. Because holiday celebrations present a more relaxed environment, it’s easy to forget your office party etiquette. So, before you head out to your company event, brush up on these basic office party etiquette.

Show up

You don’t have to commit to staying for the whole party, but not showing up at all may send the signal that you don’t want to be around your co-workers outside of work. If you absolutely can’t go, you should at least RSVP with your regrets as early as possible. And if you say you’re going to go, you have to follow through. The company’s paying for food, drinks and possibly entertainment for a certain number of people to attend. It not only looks rude if you say you’ll make it and then pull a no-show, it’s also a waste of money. So show up, spread some love and cheer, and you’ve done your job.

Don’t talk shop exclusively

An office party should be about mingling, not brainstorming. This is not the place to begin sharing your thoughts on next year’s marketing budget or what vendor you want to use for a software update. If you do talk business, pay attention to people’s subtle cues to see if they’re looking to make a graceful exit from too much shop talk.

Put your phone away

Employers throw parties to reward their workers and give them time to socialize with each other. How can you take advantage of this opportunity if you are constantly checking your phone? Put it away and try to focus on the here and now. If you must check your phone occasionally, slip away to do so. Of course, keep your phone handy for taking pictures! Share them on social media later.

Say yes to the party dress (or suit)

Party clothes are perfectly acceptable – and probably even expected – for the office party. So go ahead and toss aside your usual work attire and wear something festive. Sparkles, bright colours, and sequins are appropriate, but it is crucial that you maintain the same respectability as for a typical day at work.

What happens at the party stays at the party

Don’t drink too much – loosen up but don’t go crazy. Despite all the warnings, inevitably someone will make something of a fool of themselves at the holiday party. So give that poor soul a break and forgive and forget the best you can.

Even though there are some basic etiquette rules to follow, don’t forget the purpose of an office holiday party is to have fun. When celebrated in an appropriate, respectful way, your annual holiday party tradition can create a sense of camaraderie, develop stronger office relationships, show employee appreciation and can be collectively great for morale. Armed with these tips, you’re sure to have a great time and make a wonderful impression.

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