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What you need to know about Millennials in the workplace

The presence of millennials has become even more noticeable within the workplace. According to statistics, millennials will make up to 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Millennials are bringing with them a new perception of what office life should be like and how relationships between employers and employees should be structured. Here are major factors that are sure to create the most Millennial friendly workplace

Flexibility and freedom

Millennial employees like the freedom to manage their own schedule. Providing flexible work arrangements will appeal to mobile-minded millennials, especially when it comes to allowing them to choose their start/finish work time and permitting flexible work locations

They want a good mentor, not a boss

Millennial employees look for more mentorship rather than just direction. The number one reason Millennials are likely to leave their current job is because of their boss. A work environment where Millennial employees feel supported and valued by the leadership will lead to increased productivity and valuable relationships

They prefer to be provided with regular feedback, both positive and corrective

Offering regular constructive feedback is important because Millennials want to know how they’re doing and how to improve at their job. They want coaching that helps them to grow and feel engaged, and constructive feedback can turn criticism into a powerful learning moment

They do not want to be micromanaged

Micromanaging can make millennials feel insecure in their job and hesitant to use their skills. Managers who micromanage run the risk of shutting down their creativity and ability to innovate, as well as create a tense work environment. Millennial employees prefer authority that’s relaxed, polite, and treats them with respect

They love a positive work culture

A company’s culture and values are massively important to millennials. Work perks are not there to only be enjoyed, but they there to truly benefit the employee. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a fun-filled work environment?

Social Media and Tech Skills

The internet is evolving right before our eyes, and millennials are taking advantage of making the best out of it. Even though we don’t know how social media trends will be in the future, it is safe to say that for now, Millennials are utilizing social media to its fullest potential. Make sure you take advantage of your millennial employee’s digital and electronic literacy

It’s not easy being a millennial in the modern work environment, nor is it easy being a company that tries to please its employees. Fortunately, with these valuable insights you can acquire a better understanding of what will tick all the boxes for millennial candidates so that they can excel in their role