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How to handle rejection during your job search

It’s a known-fact that your job search can be a rather stressful process to say the least. No matter how good it is to hear the words “you’re hired”, sometimes the process of getting there can be tedious and frustrating, especially when it’s fraught with rejection along the way. Here are 3 ways to handle rejection during your job search.

Ask for feedback

While moving forward, try to look backwards to gain insight to where your other interviews went wrong. One way to do this is by trying to get feedback from the Hiring Manager. You’ll find that sometimes it didn’t have anything to do with your technical abilities, but rather that they just thought you wouldn’t be the perfect fit for the company. If this is the case then the company probably really wasn’t the right fit for you. Remember, you can learn something new from every interview you attend.

Remember it’s not personal

Looking for a job always has a personal element to it, because your CV represents a big part of you. However, if you get turned down for a job, it doesn’t mean that the Hiring Manager doesn’t like you. It could be that they realised the next candidate was a better culture fit in the interview, or had the level of experience the employer was looking for. A “no’ doesn’t speak to your value as a person or even your ability to do the job. It’s a business decision, not a personal one. So don’t take it personal.

Stay focussed on the future

Job hunting always requires different skills than actually doing the job you are looking for. You’ll need to continually refine your game to build those skills. Try to view each interview rejection as an opportunity to up your game just a bit more, and you’ll ultimately see success.

Rejection hurts, but following this advice will help you make sure it doesn’t derail your job search. Remember that it’s important to dust yourself off and keep going. Just keep thinking ahead to the day when you’ll get that offer letter. The right job will come along soon!

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