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Difficult Interview Question: What interests you about this job opportunity?

We all know the dreaded “What interests you about this job opportunity?” question. Hiring Managers want reassurance that you know something about the company and have given some thought as to why you’d be a good fit; so short and lazy answers like ‘because it’s a great company’ aren’t going to work in a job interview, you will need to go down to specifics.

The answer you provide must demonstrate a genuine interest in the role, therefore it’s important that however you choose to answer this, your response should be authentic and informative. Here is how you can explain what caught your interest in the job, providing evidence of your research on the employer.

Make use of the job description

Consider what appealed to you in the job description and bring up the main points emphasized for the particular position. Mentioning points from the job description shows hiring managers that you completely understand the nature of the work and that you are more than willing to complete it

Show your interest in the company

Take your answer one step further in the job interview and incorporate the company into your answer. The trick is to go into how your specific skills and values align with characteristics and values of the company. Remember, a job is not simply the role but also the company culture in which you will be working. You must let them know why you are eager to utilize your unique skillset at the specific company.

Highlight your skills

It’s important to highlight what unique skills you have that will truly bring something special to the company. Hiring Managers are interested in learning what you can bring to the company. Talk about specific interests of yours and how your skills will truly help the company achieve success.

Preparing properly will help you get the employer’s attention in the job interview. To get the best answer, try to figure out what the interviewer is really trying to find out, and construct a specific and positive response. The goal here is to convince the Hiring Managers that you aren’t just a good fit for the job, but that you’re the perfect fit!

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