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Career growth strategies

When you’re not happy at work, making career goals is easy: Get a new job. But when things are going well, you should still be setting work-related goals for yourself. Career growth typically fails because change is difficult, and it’s always very easy to fall back into an easy routine of doing what you’ve always been doing. If you need some inspiration, here are 4 career growth strategies.

Have constant career check-ups

Just as you would schedule a check-up to keep your physical health in tip-top shape, you should do the same for your career. Consider conducting career check-ups every 3 months to ensure your career is thriving. Write down how you’re feeling about your career; what makes you happy, and what would you like to change. Is your current job really what you want to be doing? Or, at the least, is it helping you reach your goals? If you feel good about everything – great! But if there are things that could be improved, think about how you can fix them, whether that’s taking on new responsibilities, working towards a promotion, or keeping your eye out for that next position. Having career check-ups becomes your guide on knowing what you are doing well and the areas you need to improve on to make you successful in your career.

Learn new skills

There’s always something new you could be learning to become better at your job – especially if you’re looking to move up, or onto another one. Knowledge is power, as they say. Sharpen your professional skills and learn a few shortcuts for getting faster and better at your job.

Optimise for the next 1 to 2 years

Don’t get hung up on mapping out a five- or 10-year career plan. Instead, optimise for the next one to two years. Look for the right opportunities, stay flexible, have some idea of what direction you are headed in, but don’t lock into a long-term direction because chances are that the world will change up on you.

Expand your network

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to network isn’t when you’re looking for a job – It’s long before then. Why? Having a broad, diverse network already in place will make the job search that much easier – and besides, people tend to be happier to meet you when you don’t have that desperate “please help me get a job now” tone in your voice. At minimum, try to meet one new person every month (you’ll have a dozen new contacts by this time next year!).

By putting a strong support system and processes in place to continually push you toward living your goals, you’ll have a real shot at success. If you feel as though you or your career are on the sidelines, you can bet that no one is coming to pull you out. You have to do that all for yourself, and the best time to start is today. Make sure you start by implementing these 4 tips which will help with your career growth.

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