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Building a powerful personal brand

The word “brand” is usually associated with companies, but when it comes your personal brand, things are a little different. A brand is built continuously and consistently overtime, this is done by affirmations of who you are and what you love to do. This is affected by whether you are a full-time employee, independent freelancer or business owner. A personal brand is a representation of you and speaks before you do. Being clear about what you want to stand for shapes the opportunities you attract.

Understand your value

Understanding your value does not mean under estimating your fellow colleagues or any other work environment. It also does not mean being over confident, this should be solely based on your work experience and what you bring to the table. The simplicity about understanding your value lies with one’s understanding of bringing of what they bring to the table. The secret lies in your understanding your ability to able to outline what you are really good at and are able to do. It is always important to be marketable and be able to sell yourself amongst other things.

Show rather than tell

Being able to understand your value will somewhat make it easier for you as individual to sell yourself. What this phrase “show rather than tell” means that you should make it clear what you bring to the table to allow your marketability to be simpler and to put yourself out for corporate world to be able to notice what you can do. The digital era has made this simpler and this too comes with its own challenges. The trick is to put clarify your skill offerings by outlining your work experiences, breaking down your abilities and skills you’ve acquired over time. This may match the skills organisations require. Let your presence on social media platforms be the best representation of you and your skills, but be mindful of your flaws being exposed as well.

Understand what your value is worth

Once you understand what your value is, you are more than capable of putting the right price to your worth. With understanding this, you can then position your value versus your offerings. Instead of short selling yourself based on how much experience you have or the ability to just make the employer happy. Look at the change you are able to bring to the company, who you are, how you sell yourself and how you can perform your duties will determine your worth. Position yourself as a brand, let them know how you can take the company to the next level and why they need you in the company.

Deliver on your value consistently and get testimonials

Your personal brand is also dependant on what you have previously delivered on. Always deliver on your promises and where you’ve positioned yourself as a brand. In this way, people that you have worked with & for you or come across are you are able to see your worth. These people are also able organically be your brand ambassadors, by recommending you and their testimonials are bricks in the building of your brand. By consistently delivering and going above the call of call of duty, your brand ambassadors also increase and so does your brand.

The question that needs to be answered when building your brand is, “what do I want to be known for” and answering this is why it is important to do build a personal brand that is in line with your career objectives.

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