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How to boost your chances of getting a promotion at work

There comes a time in every professional’s career when they desire to move up in the company. A lot of people think that doing a good job with the right attitude is all they need to get a promotion, but it’s unlikely to be enough in today’s competitive world. You have to be proactive and work for it. If you’re looking to move up the professional ladder, here are three things that you can do to help increase your chances.

Expand your knowledge and skills

When looking to get a promotion, it is important you expand your knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant and critical to your company. If you want to get ahead, it is important not only to keep up with current industry news, but also to pay attention to trends outside of your area of specialisation. By showing the motivation and willingness to continually learn, you’ll find opportunities to develop your skills and grow in your career.

Make your interests known

Probably the most important thing that you can do to increase your chances of getting a promotion is to talk to your supervisor about your desire to progress in the business. Not only can your boss recommend you for any internal vacancies, but they can give you certain projects and tasks to work on that will boost your chances.

Don’t just do what is expected of you

You will not get a promotion by doing what is expected of you. No one gets a promotion for just doing their job. They get a promotion for going above and beyond their job. If you are willing to take up additional work, it shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to enable the company to succeed. It will also showcase your skill set and talents.

Career advancement is a top priority for many working professionals. Not only do they want to feel as though they are growing and developing, but also that their hard work is being recognised and rewarded along the way. If you’re hungry for success and want a promotion, make sure you do these 3 things to increase your chances of getting it.

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