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Best positive character traits for the workplace

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be successful at work, but that’s only part of the story. Positive character traits and values can translate into important soft skills on the job. For example, passion and drive are qualities a candidate can show through consistently setting and achieving goals. You also need strong, positive character traits as they impact how we interact with others, our ability to understand situations, and how we deal with adversity. Here are some important character traits that employers look for.


One of the easiest characteristics to cultivate despite our virtual workspace is dependability. If you continue to meet deadlines, arrive at meetings on time, work in a cooperative and respectful manner, and submit work that is above average, you can easily cultivate a reliable persona in the office. While much of this may seem small, the truth is that your boss and co-workers will nevertheless notice when these traits are absent. As such, it’s low-hanging fruit, particularly now, to build a dependable mindset.


Flexible workers are adaptable. They can change with the times, whether that means switching up their tasks or learning new skills that will come in handy for future reference. Flexibility is key in today’s world because it helps employees demonstrate all sorts of talents. It also shows your ability to change your needs and goals with the company’s needs and goals. This is different than being a pushover, though. There’s an aspect to flexibility that includes knowing when to be flexible and when to stand your ground.


Successful workers understand how to articulate their thoughts. Active listening is not a skill that all managers possess. If you cannot articulate your thoughts, you may fail to express yourself properly. They may not have the patience or understanding to decipher your message, requiring you to be clear and direct with your words. As with other positive attributes, you can develop your ability to articulate your thoughts. Before speaking, consider the words that you use. Think about the best way to express ideas clearly.


Motivation is one of the more difficult traits to exhibit on-screen. How do you *show* your self-motivation? But your motivation and commitment to your work can come across in your enthusiasm at team meetings and initiative to lead, not to mention in one-on-one discussions with co-workers where your infectious energy can be passed on. A motivated employee is cognizant of the bigger picture, focusing not just on their own success but rather the goals for the entire company.


No one’s career is a complete breeze. Developing yourself in workplace isn’t easy, and there’s a good chance that you’ll struggle at points. But personal struggles shouldn’t define your career path; instead, they should teach you how to overcome adversity and grow from the experience. Resilient workers embrace challenges and use them to their advantage. When things don’t go their way, they bounce back from the loss because of how they’ve learned to handle adversity. They aren’t crushed by a job that didn’t turn out as planned or a client who walked away from a project that wasn’t up to par.


Diligence is one of the best work traits to possess. Your diligence refers to your persistence for continually producing quality work. A diligent employee is careful, earnest, and energetic. They are also more likely to take pride in their work performance. These characteristics allow you to complete projects efficiently without skipping any details.


Employers want to hire people who work well with others. And not just that – they want people who can build successful relationships and collaborate effectively, contributing to a strong company culture. Focus on how you prioritise and approach teamwork.

Positive character traits create a workplace environment that is accommodating, trusting, reliable and sets employees up for success. These strong traits also help you become a better leader. As you show others what being a decent employee is all about, many will follow suit.

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