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5 Things to avoid doing at an interview

Job interviews can be a scary prospect for anyone, but it’s important to keep your cool and prepare beforehand. Whether you’re yet to secure your first interview or are a seasoned interviewee who’s struggling to secure a job, everyone could do with a little interview advice. To make sure you’ve got the best chance at letting your future employer see what a fantastic addition you’ll make to their company, here are 5 things to avoid doing at an interview

Arriving late

It sounds obvious, but there is still a whole lot of candidates that shoot themselves in the foot by arriving late for an interview. Being late looks unprofessional and sometimes rude! To avoid this, try to plan your route to the interview beforehand. If you do happen to be running late on the day of your interview, make sure that you let the interviewer know you’re going to be late as soon as you’re aware of it

Not answering the questions

Companies want to see that you’ll be able to take on instruction and communicate well. Not answering a question properly could raise a red flag around your listening skills and your attention to detail. Answer the question you’re asked as best you can and if there’s anything you want to add, there’s often time for this at the very end of the interview

Failing to prepare

It is helpful to spend some time ahead of the interview practising some of the questions you anticipate will be asked, as well as researching about the role and the company. The interviewer will be able to tell if you haven’t done your research. Before your interview look at the company website and social media platforms to give you a greater insight into their company culture

Bad mouthing past employers

It always reflects negatively on you when you criticize others. Talking about your past employers in a negative way will only suggest to the interviewer that you may be someone who will be difficult to work with. Feel free to highlight differences you may have had with past employers, but phrase them so that they highlight how your personality makes a great fit for the new company you’re so keen to work for

Forgetting what’s on your CV

Your CV is what helped you get an interview; it details those aspects of your life that make you qualified for the position. If you can’t remember what’s included in your CV, your interviewer might have a suspicion that you’ve not been entirely honest. Make sure that you are fully aware of everything that’s on your CV, so you don’t get confused when you’re asked to go into detail

Remember to always treat the interview and the interviewer with respect and give yourself the best possible chance of getting hired. If you can simply demonstrate that you’ve got the skills and work ethic required for the job, you could be soon looking back on your interview with fond memories. Avoiding these mistakes will certainly boost your chances of being offered the job after the interview

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