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4 Ways to retain your top employees

Finding—or grooming—an amazing employee can be a big challenge. You may have absolutely no problem attracting, sourcing and hiring talented candidates, but once you have a rock star on your staff, don’t think your work is done. Keeping great employees is often overlooked—but should be a top priority. Here are 4 ways to retain your top employees

Promote a positive workplace

So much of our time is spent in the workplace these days, so it’s really critical to ensure that it stays positive. When employees feel valued, respected and genuinely happy in their role, they will perform better, stay motivated and work as a team. Regularly and publicly praising the achievements of high-performing employees and improvement in less-than-stellar workers will contribute to a motivated team. This requires continuous feedback from managers, but employees will succeed and be more satisfied with career guidance

Keep your distance

Micromanaging is an employee’s worst enemy, yet loads of managers still let the habit take over when working with their teams. Giving your employees enough space and empowering them to learn in their own way is a great way to keep your highest achievers engaged

Offer feedback

Employees want to feel secure in their jobs and by regularly catching up and providing feedback you can significantly help them feel positive and happy at your company. Everyone needs a bit of reassurance now and then and just by providing a bit of feedback, you can help your employees feel more secure and confident about the work they are producing. Enabling your employees to speak freely about anything that is on their mind, could also help you to form and maintain a personal and trustworthy relationship

Be creative with benefits

It pays to be generous with traditional benefits such as vacation and professional development. Having a creative set of additional benefits – such as onsite gyms, half days on Fridays, free fruit and coffee, study leave, etc. can go a long way, too.

There are multiple ways to ensure your workplace is one where good employees will want to stay. What each employee needs or wants from work may vary, so to retain the best workers, managers must remember to be open to communication

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