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4 ways to get your dream job this year

The champagne has been popped, and the decorations are packed. If getting a new job is on your list of 2019 resolutions and you haven’t done anything yet, you’re officially procrastinating. With an eye on the prize and smart strategies, you can land your dream job before the year ends. Here’s how to get the ball rolling.

Figure out what you really want

If you’ve said aloud that you want the “perfect” job, but you haven’t taken time to make a list – preferably a written one – of the exact qualities you’re looking for, then make sure you do that first. Consider the type of work you’re looking for; location, environment, bonus potential, flexibility, etc.; then rank these in order of priority. Understanding and owning your priorities will save you time from going down the wrong career path and can more effectively drive your negotiations.

Do your homework

As you’re checking out available jobs, don’t get too hung up on a particular title being offered by a company. Different companies define jobs differently. Once you target the companies you want to work for, it’s time to do some in-depth research on the ones that are the best match for you, and that have the greatest likelihood of advancing you on your chosen career path.

Make sure you give a great performance at your current job

Use these next few months to determine what your strongest skills are, and to seek out opportunities to show leadership in those areas, and let it reflect on your CV. Hiring managers love to hire people with a strong track record of leadership, as it shows they can contribute to a team’s overall growth and advancement.

Get ready to apply

Prep work is important, but a job won’t just fall into your lap without you eventually getting a CV and cover letter together. Get your CV out there and don’t forget to network. By reaching out to your contacts, you can get advice on your job search, and even hear about job openings that might be a good fit for you.

Remember, the first and most important aspect to getting anything you want is knowing what you want. If you don’t really know what your dream job is, you will never find it. To get your dream job you need to sort through the clutter and focus on realistic goals.

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