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4 Questions you should never ask in a job interview

Towards the end of a job interview, almost every employer will ask, “Do you have any questions for me?”. What’s worse than drawing a total blank when asked for questions during an interview? Asking ones that will instantly put you in a bad light in the eyes of the recruiter. Here are four questions you should never ask the employer during a job interview.

Anything about salary or benefits

Do not ask about salary and benefits, especially in a first interview. If you know that you will refuse a job that pays less than a certain amount, you can state the amount in your CV. However, if you are even somewhat flexible regarding salary, it is best not to discuss compensation until you are offered a position. This question really puts employers off, and suggests you’re only interested in the money and benefits – not the actual job.

When do I get a raise/promotion?

This question implies that you are not interested in the position for which you are applying, and that you are merely waiting to move on to something better. Assuming you’re entitled to a raise or promotion will immediately put the employer off you. Instead, you could ask the employer if there are opportunities for growth at the company.

Will I need to work on weekends/Can I work from home

Questions about hours and extra work in an interview imply that you are hoping to work as little as possible. These sort of questions are a big no when it comes to interviews, as it suggests you’re looking for ways to get out of the office before you’ve even started. A better question would be, “What is a typical workday like?” The answer will likely give you insight into expected work hours.

What does this company do?

This question shows that you haven’t done your research and don’t really care about the potential job – not exactly a great impression to make! Before asking any question, determine whether it’s something you could have figured out yourself through a Google search.

During a job interview, make sure you stick to questions about the job, based on your preparation, and the discussions in the interview process. Do you agree with this advice or have any of your own? Let us know! If you are looking for a great job opportunity, make sure you visit our job section.