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4 Habits of companies that care about their employees

A growing body of research on employee motivation affirms the need for companies to create more human workplaces that lead to positive experiences. When a company cares about its employees, it listens to them and helps them thrive. This kind of company is more than a beautiful office; it’s a hub of great, talented people who have the opportunity to make an impact. Here are 4 habits of a company that cares about its employees.

They invest in their employees

When a company invests in their employees, those employees feel excited and appreciative to walk through the door every day. As a result, they are going to be increasingly valuable to the organization. Promoting from within, emphasizing growth, encouraging professional development, and recognizing employees for their contributions are examples of this.

They encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace

When every employee feels empowered to experiment with approaches, offer new ideas, and question the status quo, better ideas are born. Companies that nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace encourage their employees to not only see problems, solutions, and opportunities, but to come up with ideas to do something about them.

They know the importance of work-life balance

Companies that care about their employees’ productivity and well-being will not tolerate a culture of overwork that can potentially burn them out. Respecting employees as whole people, rather than just tools necessary to accomplish tasks, makes a workplace feel more flexible and welcoming.

Their employees have voices

Nobody wants to be in an environment where everyone guards their thoughts, bites their tongue or otherwise stifles their communication. Great companies not only let employees have a voice and give advice on the business, they also take it up a notch by acting on the advice. Offering employees a safe space to voice their opinions and actually implement their ideas make them feel included and valued for making a difference in the company.

When employees feel personally fulfilled and supported in their personal goals by their employer, they feel more respected, more psychologically safe, and do better work. If you’re looking for a new, exciting career opportunity at a great company, make sure you click through to our job section to see what amazing career opportunities we have available.