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3 Reasons why you’re not getting called in for a job interview

Sometimes, it’s painfully easy to figure out why you didn’t land a certain interview. Most of the time, though, it’s much more difficult to pinpoint why you’re not getting called for job interviews. But if it keeps happening, you’ve got some work to do! Understanding why you’re not getting any interviews can ultimately help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Here are 3 reasons why you’re probably not getting called in for job interviews.

You are not qualified for the roles you’re applying for

If you don’t have the skills and experience that a particular job requires, you’ll be dismissed from consideration – quickly. For example, if you are a 21 years old and just finished your diploma in Graphic Design, you’re not going to land an interview for the Creative Director role at a major agency. This is why it is important to thoroughly read the job description and the role requirements, so you can truly understand whether the job is right for you.

Your CV Layout

Your CV is what’s going to get your foot in the door. If it isn’t accurately showcasing your suitability for the job, you’ll never get the chance to impress in an interview. A hiring manager wants to initially scan through your CV quickly, which is difficult if the layout is confusing. Always allow yourself time to proofread your CV because otherwise, it can look unprofessional and sloppy.

Not customizing each application

It’s great to apply for multiple different jobs but sending out the same CV to different roles, just won’t work. When a hiring manager reads a CV that has not been tailored to the job requirements they can tell in an instant. This is because your skills and experience will not target the specific role. It can also demonstrate a lack of care and may appear as though you have no interest in the role or company.

Take some time to evaluate your application. Make sure you have the right experience for the job and that you have nailed all the correct criteria when applying. Don’t give the Hiring Manager a reason to overlook you. If you are in the job market and looking for an exciting career opportunity, make sure you click through to our job section today!