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Tracking your accomplishments at work

We often get caught up in the day-to-day tasks at hand; we check one thing off our to-do list and move right on to the next. While we might be great at our job and setting and reaching ambitious goals, we often get too caught up in the moment, or in thinking about the next frontier, to keep good records of what we’ve done.

Months go by and we know we’ve accomplished a lot, but it’s hard to remember what all of those work accomplishments were when it’s time to look back. Or, alternatively, time goes by and we feel like we haven’t accomplished much, when in reality, we’ve done a lot more than we realise.

The truth is, a lot is asked of us in the workplace these days, and it’s important to track the things you accomplish throughout the year for a number of reasons. Here are some of the perks of tracking your work accomplishments:

  • Personal growth: Knowing what you’ve accomplished helps you see what you’re doing right and keeps you in the momentum to keep going.
  • Campaigning for a raise: You have to know why you deserve it and demonstrate that. Your list gives you concrete evidence of your contributions and growth.
  • Proposing new initiatives: Your past success demonstrates your ability to succeed in the future and be trusted to get a little experimental with your innovation.
  • Updating your CV: When you’re ready to move on, applications will feel like less work, and you can target the job you desire and deserve.
  • Networking: Share what you’ve learned and accomplished more easily, authentically and with confidence.

A record of a worthy accomplishment is a bit like a well-structured novel: there should be some instigating drama, some ensuing action, and some change as a result. So how do you track your accomplishments? Every individual is different. Find a way to track your accomplishments that fits best for you. If you don’t like writing in a journal, an app might be best for you. Or if you don’t have time to write, maybe use a voice recorder.

No matter how you choose to approach it, take action to record your work accomplishments as they happen. The more you track your accomplishments throughout the year, the easier it will be to share or provide them when you need to. This doesn’t have to be for a promotion or new career opportunity, but also to track your growth which is really important.

Lastly, remember that you yourself are in the best position to know what your best accomplishments have been. You’re also the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to leveraging your accomplishments to the best of your advantage.

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