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Proving you’re the best candidate for the job

Standing out in your job search is crucial, but it’s also hard. The truth is, a lot of people are just as qualified as you when it comes to comparing CVs. Being the best candidate for the job often means being the person who performs better than all the other applicants in a job interview. If you have the qualifications and work background an employer needs, your task during a job interview is to successfully communicate what you would bring to the table. Here are 3 ways to prove that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Show your enthusiasm

Are you passionate about your career, or is it just a means to a paycheck? Recruiters are always looking for people who are excited about and genuinely love what they do. You and your rival can both do the job, but if this work lights you up, then let your interviewer know that. You never want the Hiring Manager to be left wondering whether you were actually interested in them.

Plan your interview strategy

Before the job interview, ask yourself what skills and qualifications you would look for in a person applying for the same job. Prepare to base your answers to the interviewer’s questions on what you would expect to hear from a job candidate. Employers want to know what assets you would bring to the company. Make sure you go to the interview ready to share stories proving that you have the skills the job requires. Give specific details highlighting your top achievements at your most recent job. Avoid using general terms to describe your abilities. Instead, offer real-life examples that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Show your grit and determination

Other candidates may have everything you do on paper, but do they have staying power? No job, no matter how great it appears from the outside, is without its challenges. In a rapidly-changing business environment that is complex, unpredictable, and intense, no one wants someone who will just give up. Demonstrate to your interviewer that you have the fortitude, conviction, loyalty, and staying power to see yourself (and them) through whatever comes your way.

You know what makes you a superstar and you know that an employer would be lucky to have you! Why not set the stage and share how and why you’re the best candidate for the job? Being able to differentiate yourself in a job interview makes you not just the best candidate but the only candidate. If you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity, make sure you click through to our job section.