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We’re hiring Remote Recruiters

Initiate International is currently looking to expand its business through building a network of remote based recruiters! The absolute beauty of this expansion is that we are actively targeting individuals with recruitment experience who are based anywhere in the world – and I really mean, anywhere! Gone are the days where you need to be chained to your desk 12 hours a day on top of spending 2 hours commuting to-and-from work – you know what I’m talking about, the terrible work-life balance that most 9-5 office bound jobs ‘offer’.

Flexibility in the workplace, and the ability to work from home, has become a reality in most forward-thinking and engaged workplaces. Initiate International is committed to building a recruitment workplace of the future, and part of this is incorporating the ability to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a working internet connection that is! With the advancement in technology and the disruption of the recruitment industry, we’re working to make the idea of the beach as your office a very real possibility.

Ideally we’re looking for experienced Recruiters who have taken an all-important career-break to become a stay-at-home Mum, who would like to regain some independence; whether that be through increased earning potential, or the ability to work but still stay at home with their child rather than returning to the rat race. We’re looking for people who actively want an excellent work-life balance! We’re particularly interested in engaging with recruiters who have had some exposure to recruiting globally, as well as recruiters who have worked at global businesses and understand the important use of technology in the recruitment process, and have the ability to adapt to different cultures quickly and with ease.

The reality is that if you have a reliable working internet connection, we have the technology to get you up and running as a remote recruiter at the touch of a button! We’re looking to offer highly lucrative commission packages, and even go as far as to say that you’ll earn more from the comfort of your own home than maybe you did in a full time career in the city!

Sound good? Get in touch today for an informal chat about this opportunity and how you can utilise your recruitment expertise in a future-proof environment! Comment on this article with your details, send me a DM or feel free to email me directly on We’re looking forward to building the recruitment business of the future with you!

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