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Ways to improve job security in a tough market

Sometimes, coming to work each day and doing your job isn’t enough to protect you from being let go due to “downsizing.” The key to job survival is to find ways to make yourself a more valuable employee, so you stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips on how to improve job security and be a better performer.

Think of yourself as an internal consultant

Be more than just an employee. Consultants are hired to assess a current situation and then create action plans for improvement. They are paid for their expertise and their calm, professional demeanour, especially in times of difficulty. Act like a consultant and figure out ways you can add even more value to the company.

Keep current in your professional knowledge and skills

Knowledgeable, skilful employees are valuable employees. Take advantage of professional development opportunities such as conferences, training, certifications or additional degrees. Read professional and industry trade journals, reports and books. Successful people are committed to learning. Invest in yourself so others will want to invest in you!

Step up your individual performance

You may not have much influence in what projects you work on, but you do have control over your performance. Make sure you address any feedback that has been less than stellar. Keep a positive attitude, and approach your work with enthusiasm. Be the colleague that people will miss, especially your boss. Become the indispensable employee.

Stay on top of commitments

Everyone will let something slip professionally at one point or other. The hope, however, is to stay on top of commitments and projects as much as possible. Try not to let anything fall through the cracks, and be willing to own up when you do. If you run into problems with any given project, allow yourself to ask for help early on rather than let the problem fester and turn into an enormous issue.

Each of these strategies requires you to take action. The world is full of people who would rather sit and complain, than act to change their circumstances. Don’t join them! These strategies give you the means to develop and showcase your worth to your employer. If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity make sure you click through to our job section.