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Turning a bad workday into a good one

Bad days rarely happen at a convenient time. And when you’re feeling off, it’s difficult to get your work done or make the most of the opportunities and interactions you have on your plate. It’s essential – especially when you have a business to manage and grow – to be able to manage your emotions and get back on track fast. If you’re having a stressful, unproductive or slow day at work, you don’t have to abandon all hope. You can take steps to boost your mood, making it easier to get through the day without feeling upset or burned out.

Use the magic of music

Few things can wipe away the frustrations of a horrible commute or help you through a heavy workload like a favorite song. If you’re free from meetings for a little while, slap on a pair of headphones and let the music take you to your happy place. However, be aware some music can be relaxing or uplifting, while other types might increase irritation and aggression. So, make sure to choose your music carefully, picking songs that you already know make you feel good.

Share your thoughts

On a particularly stressful day, you might not be in the mood to talk to anyone. However, sometimes talking to another person about your problems can help you feel better. By externalizing your emotions, you’ll be able to keep pressure from building up inside and creating big problems later on. If you have a trusted friend at the office, tell them how you’re feeling — they might be able to offer some advice or uplifting encouragement.

Take a break

We often feel pressure to look productive at all times. But regular breaks can actually make us be more productive. Checking social media at your desk doesn’t count as a break, especially if you spend all day sitting in front of a screen already. That said, a break of 10 minutes or so can make a big difference in your mood. Do stretches, head outside for fresh air, walk around the block or brew some coffee in the break room. You may be surprised how a small reprieve can make a significant change, even on the worst of days.

Pat yourself on the back

Try to take note of at least one good thing you accomplish every day. That could be as large as finishing a complicated report, or as small as being early to this morning’s meeting. Whatever you choose to congratulate yourself on, make sure you mean it. You deserve some sincere appreciation, even if it’s just from yourself.

A slow or stressful day at work can put a damper on anyone’s mood. However, by taking a few simple steps to take care of yourself, you can make the best of a bad situation and set yourself up for a better workday tomorrow. Everyone has bad days at work, that’s something that you most likely won’t be able to avoid, but if you can build positivity as a habit, you’ll be much less likely to have bad days.

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