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Things to do at the beginning of each month

Beginning of the month always feels like a fresh start! There’s nothing like breaking in the start of a new month by doing a few things that’ll leave you feeling organised, energised, and good to go for the remainder of that month. DON’T just say, “let’s see what happens this month”. Starting your month of the right way will help keep the whole month running smoothly and help you stay on top of tasks. Here are tips that will help you stay organised and ultra-productive so that at end of the month you’re excited about your previous months’ growth!

Reflect on the previous month

The past is gone, but we cannot ignore its relevance. At the beginning of every month, it is essential to look back and have a reflective thinking on what the past month was like, look for areas where you didn’t meet up with your goals, what worked and what didn’t work. If you are in the same situation right now, initiate a process of change by reflecting on your last few months, outlining your mistakes and identifying areas where you can do better.

Set goals

You may have set some hefty new goals at the beginning of the year, but how have you been keeping up? Setting goals at the start of a new month is a great way to keep you accountable for your bigger and more audacious goals. Reflect, brainstorm, and set some key goals you want to accomplish for the month ahead. Write them down, and come back to visit them at the beginning of the following month.

Ask yourself important questions

Start the month by asking yourself some deep questions about what you would be expecting from yourself through the course of the month. Where you are currently, what you have to do to get to your end goal, how you are coping with survival, and what you would love to achieve. The essence of asking these questions is to help you have full knowledge of what you would like to achieve by the end of the month and this gives you a unique mental strength to pursue your goals easily.

Manage your finances

So, you’ve set some goals and have taken a look ahead. What’s next? Time to manage those funds! Take some time to project how much you’ll be spending in the month ahead, and set a budget accordingly. Just like you set goals, setting a budget is key to managing your finances.

Choose a book for the month

Being a lifelong learner is important. Feeding your mind not only helps you in your brand or business, it helps you mentally and physically. With so many studies being done about brain health, we have to be intentional about keeping our brain stimulated and activated. If you love to read, then you could do more books but if you don’t, you could limit yourself to just one book. Reading is very important for personal development and growth. It helps you gain from the knowledge of other people, who might have worked in the very same shoes you’re currently in.

The greatest power we possess is our understanding that life gives us a fresh start at any moment we choose to start over. The beginning of the month is the perfect time to reset, refresh and stay organised.

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