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How to have a stress-free workday

The workday is notoriously known for being really busy, but it is possible to simplify your workday with a few small tweaks, implementing a routine or two, and even the occasional mindset shift. Having an entirely stress-free workday isn’t exactly a realistic expectation, but these tips can help minimize stress at work.

Start your day off right

Your morning routine is what sets the tone for the rest of your day. Waking up a bit earlier than usual might be tough at first, but it will give you time to enjoy your morning before work. Rushing to get to work will start your day off on a stressful vibe which will carry over into your workday.

Give your workspace a mini makeover

One of the things with the biggest impact on your attitude at work can be your physical workspace. So, it makes sense that if your desk is a mess, your day is likely to feel pretty similar. Keep stress at bay by taking the time to organize paperwork, supplies, and other distractions on your desk. Making sure that everything on or in your desk is arranged neatly will not only make it easier to find what you need when you need it, but it will help you feel at ease when you’re at work.

Control your inbox

Ever log in to your e-mail account and see a three-digit number of unread messages? Four-digit? Five? You’re doing it wrong. Manage your email by prioritizing messages, saving those you need, and deleting those you do not. If you take an extra five minutes per day doing this, your e-mail inbox won’t be an early-morning stress trigger.

Make your lunch break count

Think of your lunch break as an opportunity to replenish whatever it is you’ve been neglecting yourself of during your day. Have you been sitting at your desk all day? Get some exercise! Have you been socially isolated all day? Ask someone to go to lunch with you! Have you been surrounded by people yelling at you all day long? Take some quiet time to yourself to meditate and relax.

Say “no” to late nights

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to go past bedtimes not because you’re out for a late-night dinner but because you end up playing with your toddler for too long or you’re up reading late into the night. But a late night can wreak havoc on your morning routine. You wake up late, rush through getting dressed, miss your breakfast, get your kids all stressed out as you rush them through their morning routines and basically, end up feeling totally worn out even before the day has started. So, make it a point to have a winding down routine for your evenings and stick to your bedtime, especially during the work week.

Stress is almost impossible to avoid at work, but you can certainly minimize the effects it has on the quality of your life. Hopefully, you can take something from this guide and use it to brighten up your workday!

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