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Staying committed to your goals when working remotely

The ability to stay committed to your goals is a valuable skill to have if you want to reach new levels of success. While setting goals is a simple process, maintaining momentum and progress is challenging if you don’t have effective strategies in place. With the impact of COVID-19 forcing many of us to work remotely, we have to adapt and shift our priorities. Gaining structure around your work goals is an effective way to stay on track during this unsteady time. Here are tips on how to stay committed to your goals when working remotely.

Know your goals

Remote work brings freedom, which the best employees need. But freedom itself is not enough – you also need structure to stay aligned with your team. It can be easy for remote employees to get off track and fall down rabbit holes. You can quickly build yourself to nowhere by working on the wrong projects. That is why a goal-first approach to work is essential for remote employees. The secret to a productive team is its shared sense of mission amongst all colleagues.

Keep your goals visible and review them regularly

Goals are not a “set and forget” deal. They have to remain top-of-mind if you want to continue making progress. Writing your goals in a work journal is a way to keep them visible. The key is to read them regularly. You also have to track your progress and adjust as needed. Not everything you do will get you closer to your goals, therefore knowing what you can improve is beneficial.

Own your schedule

One of the great things about remote work is the freedom to design your own schedule. Are you a night owl who gets more done after sunset? Does a lunchtime workout help you focus and committed to your goals? Remote work is more self-directed — which means you have the autonomy to make your own workday. Remember to stay in touch with your team. They need to trust that you are working on the right projects and not getting distracted throughout the day. Put your key goals for achievement on the table. Then, design a schedule that allows you to contribute in a way that suits when you work best and keeps you on track towards achieving these to-dos. This gives you a sense of ownership and keeps your colleagues informed.

Hold yourself accountable

It’s easy to come up with reasons or make excuses when things are not going well. You have to take responsibility for your actions and what you’re committing to. Having someone to be accountable to will ensure you stay committed, even when things are difficult.

Finding the areas of commitment in your work can simplify what you focus on and establish a clearer direction and purpose. It takes courage to face the uncertainty, fear, and discomfort of branching out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Many of us learn how to be our best while working remotely. The most crucial step you can take is to commit to a place of mindfulness. Respect your company, colleagues, and assignments equally. Doing so will help all of you succeed.

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