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Mistakes to avoid when establishing your dream career

No matter what goals, dreams or personal changes you want to achieve in your life, the reality for you and everyone else, is that it requires commitment, focus, and hard work to succeed. There is no way that you can hope to create change in your life or achieve your dream career without these key elements. When embarking on your journey of personal change, avoid these common mistakes and you will enhance your chances of achieving your dream career.

Not knowing what your dream career is

If you’ve looked through job listings with the goal to pick out the job you want, stop for a moment. Step away from those listings, close your eyes, and try to visualise yourself in the best job you can imagine. What do you do all day? Is it an informal, fast-moving workplace, or a stately, elegant setting? What are the most important rewards you get (besides your salary) for doing that job well? The adage that you can’t get what you want till you know what you want is especially true when it comes to employment. Will you be able to find a job with every single attribute you come up with? Probably not. But if you don’t start out knowing exactly what you want, you’re liable to be swayed by what others want, and by the potential employer who most wants you. You’ll wind up with a job that fits someone else’s dream instead of your own.

Not using your network

A Right Management survey that analysed over 59,000 employees concluded that 41% of the sample said they landed a job through networking. This was the highest weightage among all other methods (online job boards, direct approach, ads, etc). Whether you like it or not, word of mouth is still the most effective marketing technique. That means you have to have a long list of people you know well enough to refer you to their company. Talk to anyone you meet every day who could willing to help you out (i.e. parent’s friends, relatives, friends, etc). Spread the word about you searching for a job in the particular industry you are interested in.

Expecting fast results

This mistake can have a significant impact on your belief and motivation to succeed. If you expect fast results and you don’t get them, what happens is you lose your belief of your goal or your dream being possible to achieve. Never underestimate the power of patience when it comes to setting and working towards a goal or your dream. It is your patience that will keep you on your journey to achieving success.

Wasting time on activities that don’t work

You are making this mistake if you are doing tasks that are comfortable so you are really busy. You feel like you are making progress because you are busy but you aren’t actually really moving forward towards your dream career goals. You are in “The Treadmill trap” if you are busy so it feels like you are moving forward BUT you are not being efficient or productive. You’ll think you don’t have time to go for your dreams, but you really DO have the time…you are just doing the wrong tasks. When you stop making this mistake and actually work on the right tasks, you’ll feel like you are on fire making so much progress. You’ll build momentum checking things off because you are focusing on the right tasks. You’ll start that dream business or get that dream job offer. You’ll have more freedom and more time for your passions and priorities.

While discovering and landing your dream job may seem a bit daunting, it doesn’t have to be. If you avoid these common mistakes and take the above recommended steps, you’ll be well on your way to landing a job that truly lights you up. Good luck!

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