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Making a positive impact at work

The world’s growing ever more competitive – even if you already have a job, making sure you have access to the best opportunities means going beyond the usual. If you really want to thrive in the workplace, there are specific actions you can take. Here’s our pick of 4 ways to make an impact at work.

Let others count on you

Always deliver high-quality work and make sure others know they can trust you to get the job done. By demonstrating competence, it will leave a lasting impression. Trust is gained by being consistent in your attitude and actions, delivering on promises, and doing quality work.

Go beyond the call of duty

Always try to think about how you can provide value in ways that are not written into your job description. Job descriptions are supposed to detail your areas of responsibility and how your performance will be measured. But they don’t cover every possible scenario, anticipate every possible problem, or foresee every opportunity that might arise during the course of your career.

Be an expert in your field

To make an impact at work, you’ll need to always continue to be an expert in your chosen career. Read books, subscribe to blogs, sign-up for webinars, take extra courses, or any of the hundreds of other excellent online learning resources out there. Sometimes, it just takes knowing a little more about something than everyone else. And if, for some reason, your company doesn’t acknowledge or make use of your new skills, you can add them to your LinkedIn profile and perhaps leverage them somewhere else, where you can make better use of them (and be justly rewarded as well).

Stay positive

Maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times. If you are perceived as a complainer or as being difficult to work with, the only impact you’ll make is negative. Be the person in the office who finds solutions and offers only constructive, compassionate criticism.

Sure, you need to do what is expected of you. But sometimes if you really want to make an impact, you’ll need to go that extra mile. Remember that every day is a new day to work towards your goals, ask questions, and to do what may have not been done before!

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