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Making the last month of the year count

We’re in the December and no other month evokes such mixed feelings of joy and dread, especially if trying to wrap up tasks before the New Year dawns. A positive outlook and attitude can help you meet goals and finish the year off strong. While it’s easy to succumb to real and imagined pressures this time of year, you’ll thank yourself in January if you stay focused and finish December with clarity and purpose. Here are ways to end the year on a positive note.

Be positive

Stop doubting yourself. Replace negative thoughts of inadequacy with positive affirmations. Changing your perspective on difficult situations will lead you to a more successful life. Keep on smiling. Happiness increases your focus and fuels your passion. Press on with increased fervency. It may be rainy right now, but just remember the sun is shining above the clouds. Keep moving forward one step at a time; slowly but surely, you will get there.

Be realistic

Nothing is worse really than setting unrealistic goals and expectations, when you know in your heart of hearts they are too lofty. I know they sound good, but are they REALLY achievable? Goals are most effective when we set them realistically within what we know we are capable of. What’s important is setting goals, committing to working on them and making progress. Progress builds momentum. Goals are ongoing guide posts and markers not absolutes.

Review the year

You can’t move forward without looking at where you came from, so it’s important to spend time reviewing the past year in its entirety. Even if you did not meet all the goals or metrics that you initially sought out to achieve, you did create forward momentum in your work. Write down the progress you did encounter during the year, no matter how small or trivial you may think it was.

Change a few habits

To finish the year strong, make a few strategic, key changes in some of the habits, approaches and attitudes that you know are holding you back. Be proactive and willing, not lazy. Changing a few bad habits can make a huge difference in the outcome of things. Look at time management, organization, commitment, consistency, flexibility, resilience and see where improvements can be implemented and make them. Be early, stay late, volunteer, try a new approach, speak out, listen more, join, compliment others. These things improve our image and efforts.

As you’re working to regain momentum and finish the year strong, don’t be afraid to start thinking about what you want to accomplish in the new year. In fact, some of your goals from 2020 might naturally roll into 2021, and that’s not a bad thing. Work to keep the momentum you gain going through the new year and you won’t have to worry about being one of those people who quit their New Year’s resolutions by February.

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