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Job Market South Africa, Take Your Shot!

Everybody has their day where all they want to do is sit down, relax, have popcorn-to-mouth and watch an action movie. They want to see the car chases, the people who nonchalantly stroll away from burning buildings, the man with emphysema who narrates it all while it happens… you get the drift.

I like to think of the South African job market today, as a really bad action movie. The story-line is always the same, the tone is always serious, it starts off slow and spirals out of control within a matter of seconds, but most of all there are no emotions invested in the characters. This, however means that by the time everyone abruptly gets wiped out by a massive hurricane, none of the viewers give a damn who died. This is because of the detachment between viewer and character, due to a lack of character development.

If the job market in South Africa can be perceived as an action movie, then it is safe to say that CVs are the opening sequence to that action film. An opening sequence, provides you with an establishing shot, a sense of place and a background from where the characters emerge. In this sense, the CV determines the level of character development and ‘care’ a viewer would feel toward the characters. Or at least, that is what they ought to be.

Not so many years ago CV’s were more than just a bullet-point target practice of your latest accomplishments. Even though they might not have included an in-depth character profile, they were certainly more thorough than they are today.

Over the years we have lost touch with what it is that really matters when it comes to hiring individuals. This largely has to do with the rapid rate at which information has become accessible. The result being that we have too many capable people and too few opportunities. Therefore, it is only understandable that, due to the great volume of applicants, CV’s have been shortened and job market requirements in South Africa have increased. Naturally, creating a safe haven for employers and a rat race for employees, where employers get to sit back on their thrones and hand-pick minions from a pile of starved and over-qualified dancing monkeys.

This however, is not entirely the case. While South African companies might think that they are blessed by the confinement of their ‘vicarious’ selection process to the most highly capable individuals, they are in fact, missing a large and vital part of the hiring process. Unfortunately, as much as one could wish, a one-page document does not suffice for the loyalty, compatibility, or integrity of a person.

This is where Initiate International comes into play. As a South African recruitment agency that understands the job market, we are bridging the gap between employer and employee. By taking a different approach to the conventional recruitment agency, we understand how important culture fit is. That is why we make it one of our primary goals to match the culture of the job seeker and job giver and not just the job spec.

With years of experience in giving CV tips, Initiate International helps you as an employee, to give that opening sequence that will grasp the attention of the viewer and as an employer, to get your money’s worth. You’ve done the target practice, now take your shot!