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Interview Preparation – Tips from the recruitment experts

The interview is the single most important factor in determining your suitability for a position, and also in gaining an understanding of whether this company will be right for you.

You are given one opportunity to make an impact and make it through to the second stage.

It is imperative you are well prepared for this meeting so here are a few pointers to assist: Make sure you take some time a few days before your interview to do some research. Spend some time on the company’s web site, learning about the company including company history, financials and press reports. The more homework you do, and the better prepared you are the more impressed your interviewers will be.

When preparing for your job interview, remember you will only have one chance to make an impact so make it count!

1) Shake hands warmly with a firm grip. It is quite surprising how much importance employers place on this. Handshakes have a far deeper significance than most of us would credit.

2) Treat the interview like a sales presentation, this time you are promoting yourself and not a product or service, so think about it and be prepared to sell yourself. Know your career history well including all relevant experience and notable achievements.

3) Let the interview flow, be prepared to adapt to the interviewer don’t try to manage it. If the interviewer wants to run with proceedings then sit back, listen and allow them to guide the process. Show your enthusiasm, perhaps even take notes. If the interviewer wants to start by asking you about yourself, then be relaxed, confident and keep the focus on selling yourself and building rapport.

4) Always keep to the point with concise answers.

5) You may be asked if you have any questions. You will have questions!

• How this particular vacancy has arisen?

• What are the realistic career development opportunities?

• Will there be any training provided?

• What development and growth plans does the company have?

• What opportunities exist for achievers within the company? Examples?

6) At the end of the interview remember to summarise and close. Qualify the process from here, including time frame, how many other stages and ask if they have any concerns about your ability to succeed in this role? If there are some concerns this will give you the ability to dismiss them on the spot.

7) If you are keen to move forward make sure you thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet with them and reiterate your enthusiasm for the position by indicating you are very keen to move forward and look forward to the opportunity.