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Important traits that will get you hired

When you’re applying for a job, professional success and industry experience are only part of what your interviewer wants to see. Harder to show, but many times more crucial for actually landing the job, are the personality traits that make you the right fit for the company. When faced with several equally qualified professionals, employers look for the possession of certain traits to help them make a selection. These traits go beyond intelligence and communication skills and into the qualities that indicate you will be a great person to have on the team. Here are 5 traits most employers are looking for.


Hiring people who “buy into the system” is of the utmost importance when recruiting. These people can work effectively in situations that require the cooperation of others, clearly fit into the confines of the firm’s corporate culture and bring a dynamic to meetings that welcomes debate and, ultimately, solves problems.


Proactive employees don’t wait to be told what to do. They jump into action when they see a way to help. Managers want to hire people who are proactive. One way to illustrate this quality is to ask questions about the work you’ll be performing in the job (most job applicants, sadly, don’t do this). Ask questions that show you’ve been thinking about the job description – your new manager will appreciate it!


Employers want to hire professions who are flexible. Those who are stuck in their ways tend to be more difficult to work with than those who can go with the flow. Flexibility goes hand in hand with adaptability.

Happy to learn new things

Most of us have worked with someone who hates to be bothered to learn new things. Whenever there is something new to learn, that person says “Oh no, not something new! I hate having to change the way I do things.” Managers want to hire people who like to learn. If you read in your spare time or follow courses online, say so!


Having ambition means you have the goal of getting smarter and stronger throughout your life. It could mean moving up the corporate ladder, starting your own business or going off the grid to something completely new. Good employers look for people with ambition.

Although every employer ultimately has their own idea of ‘dream’ employees, most companies are seeking the same thing. If you have some or all of these employability skills, the next step is to display your abilities in your CV and the subsequent interview.

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