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Great ways to upskill yourself

Upskilling is an important initiative you can take to map your career path in the best possible way. By refining and updating your expertise, you can ensure that they stay relevant for the job you do, and also make you more appealing to future employers if and when you decide to look for a new role.

Attend virtual events, conferences and webinars

Switching previously physical, real-world events to the virtual sphere isn’t just a short-term means by which organisations and their people can continue to engage with each other and their customers. After all, even before the coronavirus outbreak, corporate video conferencing platforms such as Zoom were gaining traction. Attending virtual events, conferences and webinars could help you to adjust to a way of learning, networking and collaborating that is likely to become a new normal well beyond Covid-19.

Take an online course

Udemy, for example, offers some 100,000 online courses covering such areas as business, design, marketing, IT, photography and personal development, hosted by top instructors from around the world. LinkedIn Learning provides a similar service, with a one-month free trial. With other great sources of online courses including the likes of Codecademy for coding and Duolingo for learning a language, you’ve got no shortage of options for honing your skills at little or no expense while self-isolating.

Career mapping

Career mapping can help you develop a plan for your career and focus your upskilling dollars and effort. Career mapping is a tool that helps you plan where you want to go over time by creating goals and what you need to do to achieve them. The tool is also used by many companies to develop their workforce with the skills they need into the future. Career mapping also makes it easier to pivot when necessary to align with changing trends in your industry.

Spend time networking

Career networking is anything that you do to connect with peers in your industry. If you are still learning, don’t be afraid to ask “dumb” questions. You will find that many professionals are eager to help new talent. Consider participating in local networking groups and optional work events. Use social sites like Meetup to connect with other professionals in your area.

Whether you’re looking for a new job in the same field, a complete change of career or even a promotion, your chances of success are much higher if you follow these steps. These effective methods will ensure that you are continuously developing yourself throughout your career and showcasing that to potential recruiters.

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