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Getting your LinkedIn profile noticed by Recruiters

LinkedIn is a key tool for a lot of recruiters. Having a sub-par profile, which is essentially your online CV, could mean you’re missing out on job opportunities. Here are four simple tricks you can use to make sure you get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. These will hopefully help you bag your dream job sooner than you think.

Make your profile keyword friendly

Your profile isn’t going anywhere if you’re not showing up in a recruiter’s LinkedIn search. You need to use LinkedIn SEO to your advantage. Make sure your profile includes keywords that employers may be searching for, and get recommendations and endorsements, which help boost your profile higher in search results.

Create a great summary

The summary section is the perfect place to showcase your achievements and professional goals. Recruiters consider it the most important section of your profile, according to LinkedIn career experts. Make sure you use your LinkedIn summary to talk about your experience, interests and skills.

Engage with Recruiters

If it’s taking a long time for Recruiters to contact you, it could be a great idea for you to reach out to them. Join groups that are in your industry and post some relevant content. You’ll find that quite a few recruiters will have joined these groups and if you’re contributing to general discussions, then recruiters will probably notice you and get in touch if they have a suitable job opportunity for you.

Make sure you have a profile picture

LinkedIn career experts say that hiring managers are seven times more likely to view your profile if you have a photo. Not only does a photo allow your profile to stand out in the search results, but it also shows recruiters that you are active on the network, and LinkedIn is a viable way to contact you. Make sure your profile photo is professional and of good quality. Ditch the selfie stick and wear clothes that you would wear to work. Remember a bad/inappropriate photo is just as bad as no photo.

LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiters to find talent, but it’s also a great tool for job seekers to bring eager eyes to their skills. The more effort you put into using the platform strategically, the more you will gain from it.

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