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First day at work? Here are 5 tips for creating a good impression

The first day of work at your new job may be among the most memorable — and perhaps stressful — of your career. You know the importance of a first impression. As a jobseeker, a first impression was very valuable; now that you’ve accepted a job offer, first impressions are again of critical importance. Here are five tips to make sure you don’t start off on the wrong foot

  • Show your team spirit

Nothing works better to improve people’s first impression of you more than having a positive attitude. Let your enthusiasm for being part of the team and the organization show through to everyone you interact with. Make a point to reach out and introduce yourself to others. Definitely don’t sit around all day by yourself

  • Listen and observe

Listening more than you talk can be one of the hardest skills to learn. However, you don’t want to get the reputation as the office know-it-all. If you have a legitimate contribution, make it, but if not, do more listening and absorbing during those first days on the new job

  • Show high energy

Everyone wants to work with enthusiastic, upbeat people — so let them know that this is exactly what they can expect

  • Learn everything you can about your new employer

In theory, you should have already done your homework during the interviewing process, but there is always a lot more to learn once you’re on the inside. Read as much as you can to become an expert on your organization

Being the newest member of the organization is both challenging and exciting. You’ll be faced with both difficulties and opportunities, and your goal should be to make the most of all situations. Remember to relax, keep your mind open, get to know your team members, and do your work. These things should help you go far in making a positive and lasting impression at your new job.

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