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Creating a productive workplace

Our environment has a large impact on how productive we’re able to be. If your employees aren’t getting as much done as you’d like them to, the environment may be playing a large factor in their ability to rise to the challenge. The office is supposed to be a place for productivity and efficiency and this isn’t always the case, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your work environment is as productive as possible.

Provide a change of scenery

For employees to who do intellectual tasks, which require a certain amount of creativity, problem solving, and focus, a change of scenery can be the trigger that’s necessary to boost those productivity juices and move the task along. When particularly challenging tasks come along, we often find ourselves stuck, unable to shake through. The simple solution – change the scenery. A change in scenery will stimulate different parts of the brain, which will in turn stimulate a different thought process.

Encourage a balance of privacy and community

Teams win, and if you want your employees to come together as a team, you’ll need to encourage them to do that. Some tasks require individual concentration, such as phone calls, and your employees will need the privacy and peace to complete those tasks alone. The ideal office floor plan offers quieter spaces for working alone, and larger spaces for team collaboration. Consider a semi-open floor plan to encourage everyone to communicate.

Be flexible

Every employee does their best work in a different way, some need complete silence, some need to take breaks often, no matter how they work, people work very differently. Allow employees the flexibility to work how they feel best, if they need to brainstorm with other people, take a quick walk, work in a conference room, whatever you’re able to allow within means try and make it happen. This will let employees feel that they have the freedom to do their best work and in turn, lead to more efficient and productive work days.

Celebrate achievements

Possibly the most overlooked feature of creating a productive office culture is employee recognition. Meaningful work is done when employees feel happy, and that their expectations of reward for a job well done are met. To meet these expectations (besides the evident needs of an employee such as financial stability, healthcare, safe working environment), you have to make them feel that their work is noticed, appreciated, and that it furthers the company’s mission

Always take the time to talk to your employees about their workplace. Be open to feedback and criticism about your current system. If they feel that changes would help them be more productive, you may want to implement those changes. They know their jobs better than anyone, and they may just be too shy to speak up about what would help them be more productive.

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