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How to build your personal brand online

Personal brands are becoming more important to help you get your dream job. A brand is something you’re constantly building because it’s the affirmation of who you are and what you love to do. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job or you have a business that you want to grow, people want to know who you are, and your personal brand tells them exactly that. But where do you start? Here are 4 tips to build a powerful personal brand online.

Decide on what you want to achieve

It’s vital to have a goal for your branding efforts. If you don’t have a goal for your time spent online, you’re merely using the internet for entertainment purposes. Ask yourself how you would like to be perceived. Decide on some goals and align your personal brand in a way that will best help you achieve them.

Determine what you want to be known for

Your personal brand is more than a reflection of who you are today; it’s a roadmap of where you to go. In addition to understanding your existing skills and competencies, Assess your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to whichever industry or career you want to break into next. By doing this, you’ll uncover the skills and traits that make you distinct, as well as the areas where you need to improve or gain new knowledge in order to advance. Forecasting where you want to be in five or 10 years – and the attributes you want to be known for – can help you better determine what steps you need to take in order to get there.

Understand your value

Your value isn’t based on who you work for or your position at a job. It’s based on what you’re able to bring to the table. What is it that you do extremely well and who does it best serve? If you aren’t specific about the kind of work you do or would like to do, people won’t know to come to you for it. Create a value proposition that speaks to what you do and who you best help.

Show rather than tell.

The more you understand your value, the easier it becomes to articulate and do it. If you’re considering a few career openings and you know you’d make a great hire, put yourself out there and let your work speak for itself. Create a platform where people can see what you do. Don’t hesitate to promote your accomplishments as they give you credibility. Having a platform opens the door to more opportunities.

These above-mentioned steps, if followed strategically, will surely help you ace your personal brand. As you start brainstorming through these steps, you will gain clarity on all smaller doubts that you bear in mind.

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