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How to be the best remote employee

Although working remotely can sound like a dream come true, the truth is that not everyone is cut out for it. There are certain traits and skills that are essential to remote work, and the good news is that they’re also traits you can build and strengthen, and they’ll help you be a better professional regardless of where you work. Here are some tips on how to be a successful remote worker.

Make an extra effort to communicate with your team

Frequent conversations – by phone, text, email or video chats – may be your only way to share the progress status of your projects. Catching up with your boss through a weekly virtual or phone one-on-one can give you both a chance to stay up to date with each other. The biggest obstacle for working with remote employees is being able to communicate effectively and get an update when you need it. You can easily get in your employer’s good books by being as communicative as you can, so they know what is happening and how you’re doing with current projects.


The biggest stumbling block for remote workers has been the underlying issue of trust. Your manager has to know that you will produce and perform. Meet your deadlines and exceed expectations. Moreover, accept or volunteer for stretch assignments or to add skills. A great remote worker eagerly takes on projects and learning without blinking – but still makes time to have a life.

Be a bigger part of the team

Remote leaders love it when their employees take the initiative and show some spark on being a bigger part of the team. They are more than willing to grow with employees who show the desire to push things forward. Join the conversation on messaging apps, share your ideas with the team, and take ownership of things so you can impress your managers and potentially move up within the company.

Don’t make your employer babysit you

Remote work can actually work great if the employee can be responsible and make it easy on the employer. If they can be responsible and dependable, then they will get more freedom and be able to run their shots a little more than they might be able to if working together in an office. You shouldn’t need someone to hold your hand even if you’re working remotely. You should be able to run things on your own and not have your manager chasing you around to make sure you are working and meeting your goals.

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