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Best goal tracking apps to help you reach your goals

We all know the importance of setting goals – they hold you accountable, tell you what you truly want and help propel you forward. Finding a sustainable way to track your goals every single day makes them feel more real, and less like an abstract, unattainable concept. Integrating your goals into your digital life is an easy way to keep them top of mind and keep you motivated. Try these four apps and finally cross some goals off your bucket list.


Strides is one of the most powerful apps out there to help track your goals, but perhaps its greatest quality is the fact that it is really easy to use. You can set up reminders so that you never forget to maintain those daily habits that lead to bigger goal achievement. The Strides app lets you track it all by day, week, month, year or even on a rolling average. All of your data is synced to your account so you always see your latest stats whether you access it from the web, a mobile device, or anywhere else. Strides is available on iOS an Web.

Way of Life

This app will appeal to all those who like progress tracking in charts and graphs, yet the interface of the app is quite simple and intuitive. Way of Life makes setting goals and hitting them simple. It allows you to track your routines using a color-coded system in just a few seconds each day. The app will also send you reminders that’ll help you form better habits and break negative ones. Plus, you can jot down quick notes in the diary and view your customized charts. Way of Life is available on Android and iOS.


If you want to be a high achiever, GoalsOnTrack is the app for you. It guides you in creating SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) as well as subgoals, it includes goal templates and progress tracking, you can manage your tasks, track your time and habits, keep a calendar, build a vision board, manage a goal journal, and view reports and charts customized based on you. GoalsOnTrack is available on iOS.


A lot of us hate having to set goals and determine what we want to achieve in our lives. The process can be quite strenuous, and there is a lot of work involved. However, Habitica takes this process and makes it a lot of fun. The app makes it easy to build habits and stay productive by taking an approach that rarely fails; turning everything into a game. Habitica offers rewards to keep you incentivized, and it also comes with its own social network platform. With the app, you track and monitor your habits, use the to-do list, and join other users to play exciting games. Habitica is available on Android and iOS.

In the multitasking world, we live today a goal tracking app can become a vital tool not only for boosting your productivity but also a means to decrease tension in your life and manage time in the most effective way. These apps will not only record your goals, but also help you track your goals in such a way that you can more closely monitor your strengths, weaknesses, and what steps you should take to improve your journey.

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