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Adapting to change in the workplace

One of the attributes all employees need to have is being able to adapt to change. In this current economy, everyone is moving around from one company or group to the next. Most of us resist changing because it forces us to adjust, evolve and reevaluate, removing us from our comfort zone. Even if you don’t consider yourself a naturally resilient person, adapting to change is a skill you can learn to master. Here are some steps toward adapting to change in the workplace.

Accept the change

Understand that change is a natural part of life, both in and outside of the workplace. By learning to accept that change is a natural occurrence in a workplace, we can more quickly step out of our comfort zone and adapt when it happens. Remind yourself that many of the best opportunities in life show up when we are open to change. Let go of the way things used to be, whether it was the processes the company used, the people you worked with or the supervisors you worked for. Remind yourself that change means there could be enormous opportunities coming.

Maintain a positive attitude

You always have to be optimistic and maintain a good attitude, regardless of what new company, department or group you’re working with. Come to terms that your new situation might not be perfect, but your previous situation probably wasn’t either. Think about how you can best leverage your skills, experiences and network to maximize your new role.

Invite a fresh perspective

A symptom of a changing workplace is isolation. There is a feeling that not enough information is shared with you which builds feelings of anxiety. To remedy the situation, a good idea would be to get in touch with fellow workers outside the workplace. This could serve as a reality check and a mood booster.

Learn new skills

You naturally are forced to learn new skills based on the type of work you have to do for your job. Make a list of skills that are required for your new role and invest time each week in developing those skills. For each skill, give yourself a deadline to master it so that you can quickly become an expert and increase your value.

The above are practical steps for adapting to change, putting you on the leading edge of your constantly evolving work life. Although the notion of change may push you out of your comfort zone, know that you are contributing to the growth of yourself both personally and professionally.

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