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How to ace your telephonic interview

Standing out and making an impression at a job interview is crucial, however, as technology continues to advance, face to face interviews become a thing of the past, and companies begin to utilize tools such as Skype and telephonic interviews. These may be unchartered territory for some, but we’ve got a few pro tips to help you ace the interview and any interview questions that may come your way!

About the company

Here, you’ll want to jot down the most relevant high-level company information: their mission, the products and services they offer, the name of the CEO, notes on the culture and any recent news or updates on the company. Knowing this information is important as each of these questions is completely fair game for an interviewer to ask. Interviewers often want to make sure that candidates care enough about an opportunity at a company to do some research on it.

About me

In this section, you’ll jot down the most relevant information about yourself, including a brief elevator pitch, your relevant experience, strengths, weaknesses and why you are interested in this role/company. In telephonic interviews, they are just getting to know you, so this high-level information will almost certainly be the basis for several of their other questions.

Questions of the company

At some point or another, interviewers almost always give you an opportunity to ask them a few questions. This might make you nervous, but don’t worry — it’s not a trick! In fact, it’s a gift. Not only does this give you the opportunity to understand the company and the position on a deeper level, but you can also use your research on the company to help you ask intelligent questions that show off what an informed candidate you are.

Questions to prepare for

Between the previous three sections, you should be ready to answer most of the questions that are thrown your way — but there’s one tricky subset of interview questions you should still prepare for: behavioural interview questions. Behavioural questions are among the most difficult to answer on the spot, since they require you to rack your brain to think of a relevant example. Luckily, all you need to do to eliminate some potentially awkward silence is list out a few anecdotes you can share in advance.

The next time you have a telephonic interview, don’t be intimidated — all it takes is a little preparation beforehand. If you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity, make sure you click through to our job section today!