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50 Most Annoying Office Habits

If you work in an office environment, there is no doubt that you have come across a vast array of annoying office habits. It is thus, more than likely that you have subsequently had your days where submerging yourself into the paper shredder seemed more appealing than withstanding a recurring pet peeve. But have you ever wondered if you are perhaps on someone else’s list?

You never know what your co-workers might deem irritating, as they sure aren’t aware of the fact that they are grinding your gears…(unless they are sadistic,of course). See below the carefully crafted list of the top 50 most common and annoying office habits:

1. You sing out loud

2. You took the last cup of coffee and didn’t make a fresh pot

3. You put your phone on speaker-phone

4. You eat tuna at the office

5. You look at other people’s computer screens

6. You write passive aggressive quotes on the whiteboard

7. You don’t contribute or participate in group activities

8. You don’t respond to emails

9. You stand by impatiently while people are having a conversation

10. You eat other people’s food

11. You take advantage of freebies

12. You expect other people to clean up after you

13. You play music on your cellphone

14. You insist on closed windows at all times

15. You don’t practice what you preach

16. You ask inappropriate questions

17. Everything you say is an insinuation/ riddle

18. You are constantly eating

19. You have an opinion on everything

20. You barge in on conversations

21. You don’t pay your bill/ don’t tip at office outings

22. You mysteriously grin at people as though you have something on them

23. You invade other people’s privacy

24. You disclose things that were told to you in confidence

25. You take up all the fridge space

26. You take forever in the bathroom

27. You eat food with potent smells

28. You don’t share

29. You share selectively

30. You put non-recyclables in the recycling bin

31. You don’t keep your promises

32. You rub your money in other’s faces

33. You lack sympathy

34. You are always complaining

35. You always have to top someone else’s story

36. You complain about self-induced problems

37. You show everyone pictures of your newborn

38. You speak a foreign language in the company of others

39. You are a noisy eater/ swallower

40. You use catch-phrases

41. You send emails to people who sit right next to you

42. You comment on the unhealthiness of others’ lifestyles

43. You assign your tasks to other people

44. You are a brown noser

45. You are a know-it-all (virtually akin to Google)

46. You are overly enthusiastic about work/ abnormally happy

47. You steal other people’s ideas

48. You bang on your desk

49. You CC management into all of your emails

50. You sigh out loud

Do you recognise yourself in any of these? I sure see myself. Try to break the habit before you become the next hot topic of office gossip.