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4 Ways to get better at taking risks

Taking risks can be rewarding when it comes to your career. If you feel like you could use a little more bravery, there are ways to rewire your thinking to make yourself more open to risk. Here are four ways to step out of your comfort zone, and harness the power of positive risk-taking.

Believe in your vision

One thing that holds people back from taking risks when it comes to their career is self-doubt and uncertainty. The truth is that there’s absolutely no way you can be 100% sure of the outcome of the risk you’re about to take. If you have anything you want to do, just believe in yourself, in your vision and believe that where you’re going will be better than where you are now. Believe that whatever has gotten you this far will see you through and take you further.

Get rid of perfection

Anytime you start something new, the pursuit of perfection can be paralyzing. Hesitation over results can stop recovering perfectionists and overachievers in their steps. In the worst case scenario, you’ll fail—but at least you’ll have tried and learned valuable lessons about what works and what doesn’t.

Have the right people around you

The importance of building a community is crucial to opening your mind to take a risk. You can make friends with people who share your passion and ideologies. These people will help you grow your confidence and open up your mind to lots of new ideas.

Thrive on fear

So many people let fear hold them back when taking risks. But as for you, acknowledge your fear but never let it control you. Make fear your personal force, use it as a motivational tool to take you out of your comfort zone.

Risks don’t have to be grand gestures that change everything forever. A risk can be something as simple as doing something out of your comfort zone. As long as you have a purpose and a plan behind you, you’ll find that taking risks isn’t so scary after all.

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