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4 Ways to boost your confidence at work

A lack of self-confidence could hold you back in the workplace and prevent you from reaching your full potential. Being confident in yourself and your abilities helps you to feel good, increases your job satisfaction, and builds up your all-around happiness in your role. Unfortunately for us, there’s no magic involved in building confidence at work. But there is some good news: there are plenty of simple things you can do to boost your own confidence and boost your career in the process. Here are 3 ways to boost your confidence at work.

Look the part

Turns out, there’s some truth to the old adage, “fake it until you make it.” Dressing well, having good posture, being friendly, and making eye contact with people will all give the impression that you’re confident and in control. And when the rest of the world thinks you’re self-assured, you’ll start believing it, too. So, smile, stand up straight, and go ahead and treat yourself to that new blazer.

Learn new skills

One of the best ways to feel more confident is to go out and get more skills. Feel a little insecure about your tech know-how? Find online tutorials. Scared of presenting? Take an improv class. Anxiety and self-doubt often stem from being unsure about how to tackle new things. If you dive right in and discover that you have the skills to take on new things, it’ll start to bolster your general confidence.

Envision success

Vision boards may not be everyone’s cup of tea—the arts and crafts part is optional. But having a clear image in your head of what your success looks like (on a project, in a year on the job, or whatever parameters you want to use) can make you feel more self-assured on your path to get there.

Celebrate your achievements

If you’ve received an amazing performance review or nailed the client meeting you’ve been stressing over, celebrate – you deserve it! Acknowledging those successes and rewarding yourself will remind you how great you really are – and there’s no greater confidence boost than a job well done.

Confidence is important in the workplace not only for success, but also for feeling happy and satisfied. So, make sure you embrace yours to ensure this isn’t holding you back. All of these are things that you can start phasing into your daily routine. There’s no need to overhaul your way of seeing the world – just adding in some practices that will help you get a stronger sense of yourself and your goals. That’s really the heart of confidence – knowing where you want to go, and the strengths you have in trying to get there.

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