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4 Things to do before applying for any job

When you just start job hunting, it can be tempting to immediately get to blasting out CVs and hitting “apply” to a bunch of online listings, but you might be missing out on a key part of the job search – preparation. Getting a few things in place before you start sending applications out can help set you up for success. Here are 4 things you should do before applying for any job.

Craft your application for the specific job

It’s great to apply for multiple different jobs but sending out the same CV to different roles just won’t work. If your CV doesn’t contain the right keywords, your job application could get tossed out automatically. To prevent that from happening, make tweaks to your CV to mirror the language that appears in the job posting. Remember, the purpose of a CV is to draw people to you. Use correct keywords and concepts as you draft your CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letters.

Read the whole job advert

Make sure you thoroughly read the entire job posting before applying. Were there specific directions on how to name your CV and other materials when applying? Did the job advert give you a specific timeline for when someone will reach out, or when it’s okay to follow up? Are you sure you meet the criteria on the job advert? Always be on the lookout for special instructions, and make sure the job you’re applying to is best suited for you.

Update your social media profiles

It’s easy to forget to keep your social media profiles updated, especially when you have multiple accounts. Make sure your profile pictures across your different social media pages are current and flattering. See if you can make your profiles subtly reflect your professional skills, and while you’re at it, untag those unflattering or unwanted pics, and delete any posts or tweets that don’t reflect well on you or your candidacy.

Review your job application before you click “send”

You have one chance to apply for a job and make the best impression. So, before you hit submit, give your job application another inspection. Make sure you’ve followed all instructions in the job posting, and lookout for spelling and grammatical errors. You never want to reach out to a recruiter after you’ve applied to point out an error you made because you didn’t read the job advert thoroughly.

If you follow these steps before applying for a job, you’ll be guaranteed to stand out against other job seekers. Although strategizing takes a little bit more time, you’ll be thankful you went above and beyond to apply for the job.

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