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4 Simple ways to learn to love your job

What should you do if the job you thought you’d enjoy is turning into something other than you expected? Perhaps your job felt like love at first sight but slowly turned into a struggle, or maybe you accepted it because you needed work but knew the situation wasn’t ideal. Either way, it’s possible to revive your relationship with your job. If you’re reading this now, you’ve already taken the first step!

Choose your attitude

If you keep thinking or saying that you don’t like an activity, there is no way you can enjoy it. Always think and say something positive. Remember that have the ability to choose your response to your environment and that you can change your attitude for the better by choosing to focus on particular thoughts. Whether it’s a line of glowing feedback from your boss or the satisfaction of completing a difficult task, you will inevitably experience something that has the power to turn your day around.

Gather with passionate people

While you may not always have the luxury to choose who you work with, whenever possible you should choose to gather with positive people. Choose the people who you know are passionate about their career. Their passion will be contagious. They will give you the energy to stay positive and even enjoy what you are doing.

Don’t expect the world from the onset

Once we find what we know we will love, something that we want to turn into our careers and make our life journey, we must come to understand and to accept that it is just that – a journey. You cannot expect to start a journey at the finish line. It’s not easy to stick through the grit to come out the other end prosperous – It takes courage, perseverance and the passion to keep at it when things aren’t going quite as you had expected.

Remind yourself why you took the job in the first place

Think back to the initial job offer and why you accepted it. Perhaps you’re making good money, or you’re working for a good cause, or your schedule is flexible, or the benefits are great. Even if things have changed since then, keeping in mind why you accepted the job offer (and what’s important to you now) can help you navigate your next steps, whether that’s taking action to improve your job or preparing a plan to find a new one.

Though following your passion is today’s ideal, it often won’t get you anywhere but frustrated. Focus instead on acquiring unique skills and refining the quality of what you do with the focus of a devoted craftsman. You’ll be well on your way to cultivating not only a satisfying career, but a new, rarer kind of practical passion built on commitment, mastery, and pride.

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