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Creating a bulletproof morning routine

A good morning routine can really set the tone for the rest of the day. A strong morning routine sets you up for a productive day, leading to more wins. More wins raise your motivation and allow you to accomplish your goals with greater ease. So if you want to make your mornings more productive, enjoyable and your days successful, here are some tips that can help you create a bulletproof morning routine.

Prepare your next day the night before

When you write down the things you have to do for the next day slightly before going to bed, it puts your mind at ease, letting your subconscious work overnight. The two main benefits are: You stop thinking about it, letting you fall asleep easier; and when you wake up, you get clarity on what you wrote down.

Start your day positive

Motivation doesn’t last forever, so you need to replenish yours regularly. Highly successful people know this, so they dedicate ample time to increase their supply. You’re more likely to continue accomplishing a task once you’re emotionally invested in it, right? Spend some minutes in the morning listening to inspirational anecdotes and empowering quotes.

Move around and hydrate

When you feel great, it will make it all that much easier to handle that alarm. You might not be excited about the idea of a morning workout. Maybe it’s hard enough to just get out of bed, let alone run around the gym. But you don’t have to lift weights or go for a jog. Simply moving around will get your blood flowing and help you get your day started.

Maintain your routine

It’s important to develop a morning routine that also works on weekends. Set your routine in stone for 7 days a week, so you’ll be able to get the most out of it and keep it up! Routines can be an excellent balance of both work and play, as long as they are congruent with what your goals and intentions are.

Building a strong morning routine is not as hard as it seems and the benefits are undeniable. Having more energy and motivation throughout the day can turn you from procrastinator to high performer. So arm yourself with a pen & paper and start crafting that glorious morning routine of yours. Fight through the painful start and start building momentum through a series of habitual wins.

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