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3 Ways to treat your job search like a marketing campaign

The modern-day job search is not like it used to be. When you’re in the process of applying for jobs, it soon becomes apparent that what you’re actually doing is selling yourself. This makes your job search much like a marketing campaign where you’re trying to sell a product to a potential customer base – the only difference being that the product is you and the customer is the employer. So, how do you approach a job search like a marketing campaign? Here are 3 top tips on how to really sell yourself to an employer.

Know your audience

Smart marketers know their market well – they know what the market wants and needs, and they also know that a successful product targets a specific market niche. Each application you send will be different depending on the sort of position that you’re applying for, so it’s vital that you’re clear on the message you’re trying to send before you start an application.

Know your Unique Value Proposition

Differentiation is essential for any product to succeed in the marketplace. Why is your product better, faster, and easier than the competition, right? The answer is your unique value proposition. You solve an employer’s problem with your combination of expertise, skills, experience, work style, and results. Your unique value proposition is the basis of your CV. Just as direct marketing letters and adverts lay out the “features and benefits” of a product, so should your CV!

Track your activity

Like any successful marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to keep on top of any activity and the reception it receives. Track your applications, interviews, and connections. This will help you be much more prepared when you get calls and want to follow up on your status. Also, make sure you ask for feedback from any unsuccessful applications so you can improve your job search in the future.

Being passive during your job search isn’t the fastest way to land your dream job, especially when your competition is doing the same. You’ve got to be proactive and think of your job search like a marketing campaign. Remember, your LinkedIn profile, CV and cover letter are your sales team, and they are going to help your ideal employer find you. If you are looking for a new job opportunity, make sure you click through to our job section to see what amazing career opportunities we currently have available.